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Agrserv costing concept

2.1 New approach Introduced by AgrServ: "In-Situ Pest" and "Mobile Pest" Management

2.1.1 In-Situ Pest Management 
  Traditionally, pest control services is quite similar to "pesticides applicator/labour supplier contractor" i.e. only emphasize in carry out job features such as fulfilling:

  a. Pesticides application obligations.
  b. Number of visits to client premises.
  c. Methods of applications.

Under this concept, clients are charged according to number of visits, time spends in client premises and treatment methods. Clients have to pay extra if:

  a. Change of pesticides used e.g. using baits instead of spraying.
  b. Increase frequencies of visits e.g. from monthly visit to fortnightly visits.
  c. Change of methods of treatment e.g from spraying to misting.

This charging system posses following major disadvatanges:

Clients might be penalized if service technician is not effective!!
Pest Control Operator earns more if service technician is not efficient!! (more visits)
Clients might be penalized if sales representative of pest control operator is not well-versed with effective treatment. (Pay for Trial and error on various treatment methods/chemicals)

AgrServ treat pests like cockroaches, common ants, subterranean termites & etc as in-situ pests. For in-situ pests, our charges will be very result oriented. We will charge our client the same agreed valued even we have to increase frequencies, change treatment methods or change chemicals in order to obtain good control.

We fully understand: We are needed for safe and effective pest control!!!

We are not called simply because:

  a. Client wish to see our technicians/sales staffs frequent.
  b. Client wish to experience various treatment methods.

We fully understand that we should not penalize our clients for our shortfalls. We are responsible for:

  a. Training our sales staffs.
  b. Training our service technicians.
  c. Update ourselves per effective treatment methods and effective pesticides/chemicals/treatment methods. 
2.1.2 Mobile Pests
  For highly mobile pests such as houseflies, mosquitoes, we still have to charge our customer base upon traditional concept, based on number of visits and time spend as root cause of pest infestation problems can be beyond premise owners/pest control operators' control.